Package Action Tester

Saturday, March 28, 2009 by Immo Wache

Package creation became fun and easy with the new Umbraco V4 CMS. New Package Actions can be used to perform additional tasks to the Umbraco backend while installation and uninstallation of packages. What's missing is a simple way to test your package actions skript works the way you like before you add it to your new created package. Package Action Tester is a developer tool exactly for this test.

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Snake Charming - Python in Umbraco

Sunday, September 28, 2008 by Immo Wache

In Umbraco it is really easy to integrate own extensions in the form of XSLT scripts that can be provided with parameters. The connection to the XHMTL-code of the templates is arranged via special tags that are called macros by Umbraco. Since Umbraco version 3.0 is has been possible to configure Python-scripts within these macros, besides the well-known XSLT-scripts. Umbraco can execute these Python-scripts server-side by means of the implemented IronPython Engine.

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